Thursday, March 31, 2016

Short video about my Federal Trust pamphlet.

A short video recorded at the Federal Trust event 'Britain and the EU: Difficult Questions' that took place in February and where I launched my pamphlet 'Why the EU referendum will not be the end of the story'

Can also be watched here: 

What impact would a Brexit have on the EU?

The Dahrendorf Forum has published a short analysis on what impact a Brexit could have on the EU. Read it here: 

Friday, March 18, 2016

LSE Atlanta Alumni event

I'm in Atlanta for a few days to attend the International Studies Association conference. While here I joined Professor Chris Brown to speak at an LSE Atlanta alumni event hosted at Georgia Tech. Speaking to a large group of LSE alumni and Georgia Tech students, we covered British and European politics and especially the future of UK-EU relations.

Britain and Europe: Is Brexit going to happen and what would it mean for the USA?

Recording of the 10 March panel at CTR, SAIS, chaired by Fiona Hill (Brookings) with me, Matthias Matthijs (SAIS), Desmond Lachman (AEI), and Philippe Le Corre (Brookings).

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Quoted in the Brazilian magazine 'Veja'

Last week I gave a long interview to a journalist writing for Veja, Brazil's most popular weekly magazine. They quoted me on what might happen after a vote to leave. They asked about Margaret Thatcher's views of the EU and I must admit I'm the one who put them onto the picture on the second page...