Monday, September 23, 2013

Selected FP spots from 16-22 September 2013

  1. UK and South Africa: A Relationship Worth Maintaining
    Alex Vines of Chatham House and Elizabeth Sidiropoulos, Chief Executive, South African Institute of International Affairs, remind us of the close relations between South Africa and the UK, especially relevant when the FCO is pushing for stronger relations with African states. 
  2. 64% of Brits have a favourable view of the UN
    Pew Research shows global views of the UN
  3. Tony Blair nearly destroyed the Foreign Office. William Hague is rebuilding it
    Peter Oborne's short piece notes an important step forward - or back to the future - for the FCO: the re-opening of its language school. 
  4. UK should use competence review as a constructive exerciseMichael Emerson of the Centre  for European Policy Studies looks at how the Balance of Competences Review could work for the UK. Despite ongoing concerns about the political neutrality review, it looks to be on course to provide a wide-ranging review - the first of its type in the EU - of the role the EU plays in the UK.
  5. Hand-waving as renegotiation: The UK’s (and EU’s) limited option
    Meanwhile Simon Ushwerwood considers some of the options Britain faces should the Balance of Competences Review need to be used in a renegotiation. 
  6. Labour should 'be prepared to use military force as a last resort
    Labour still wrestling with the fallout from the Syria vote.
  7. Foreign aid: transparency will help African nations prosper
    The Observer's editorial makes a valid, if perhaps obvious point.
  8. Transatlantic Trends 2013
    More to come from this regular survey, but the basics are here. 
  9. Green Standard 2013
    The Green Alliance review how the three UK wide parties green credentials compare on the economy, communities, nature and international leadership.
  10. Trident and the Liberal Democrats
    There was plenty of analysis of the Lib Dem decision to back a 'Trident-Lite' system. This BASIC review is neat and to the point.