Thursday, May 14, 2015

Brexit literature

Below is a list of all the articles, reports and comment pieces I've written on Brexit and the future of UK-EU relations.

Journal articles: 

'Europe's British Question: The UK-EU Relationship in a Changing Europe and Multipolar World.' Global Society. Out soon. Check back soon for details and link.

'To be or not to be in Europe: is that the Question? Britain’s European Question and an In-Out Referendum.’ International Affairs, Vol 91, No. 1, 77-91, January 2015.


The UK and the EU: What would a Brexit mean for the EU and other states around the world? Edited with Almut Möller. DGAP Report, 120 pages, September 2014.

Europe without Britain: Assessing the impact on the EU of a British withdrawal. SWP Report, 30 pages, September 2013.

Parliamentary Evidence

Comment pieces:

Brexit: Europe's Awkward Questions about its Awkward Partner UACES (11 May 2015) 

UK Would Lose 8% of Its Economy By Quitting the EU Huffington Post (6 may 2015)

Little Britain's Big Election LSE US Politics Blog (May 6 2015)

Will the British Question go away if Labour wins? E!Sharp (May 2015)

Will the UK's General Election lead to an in-out referendum? E!Sharp (March 2015)

An in-out referendum will not solve the European question in British politics British Politics and Policy at LSE (2 February 2015) 

Europe’s Brexit Question UACES Blog (29 January 2015)

Living Awkwardly Ever After: What if the British had voted to leave the European Economic Community in 1975? In Möller, Almut and Parkes, Roderick (eds.) What if the EU …? DGAP, Berlin, Germany.
London, Britain and Europe: places apart?APSA British Politics Group Blog, (16 November 2014).

10 questions for the EU about a Brexit E!Sharp, (November 2014).

The UK and Europe: should it come or go? (26 October 2014). 

European and international views of the UK-EU relationship APSA British Politics Group Blog, (5 October 2014).

Is it time for a balance of competences review of the UK? LSE British Politics and Policy Blog, (2 October 2014). 

Europe to Britain: Our Patience is Running Out. Huffington Post (2 October 2014)
What would an EU without Britain look like? E-International Relations, (10 August 2014).
Brexit Stage Right Foreign Policy, (22 July 2014)

The Five Routes to a Brexit: how the UK might quit the EULSE EUROPP Blog, (27 June 2014). 

A “Brexit” would have important implications at the European and international levels’ LSE British Politics and Policy Blog, (27 June 2014). 

Oliver, Tim (2014) London bucks the UKIP surge and appears headed in a direction far removed from the rest of the UK’, LSE British Politics and Policy Blog, (2 June 2014).

Londoners are no Little Englanders British Politics and Policy Blog (17 March 2014). 

With John Bruton, Consent of a majority of the rest of the EU will be needed if there is to be a new UK-EU relationship. LSE British Politics and Policy Blog, (16 January 2014). 

Book review: A. Geddes, Britain and the European Union – by Andrew Geddes, International Affairs, 89(5), 2013, pp1340-1341.

Cool the Talk of TTIP as an “Economic NATO” Huffington Post, (12 December 2013).

A UK-EU Divorce: Bad News for America The National Interest, (3 December 2013)

With Jeff Lightfoot Britain outside Europe? The US View IP Journal, DGAP, (November 2013).
With Almut Möller, London and Berlin are not speaking the same language with it comes to EU reform. LSE EUROPP blog, (November 2013). 

The British Problem Facing a Transatlantic Trade Deal Huffington Post, (25 October 2013).


Who Suffers Most from a Brexit, IP Journal, DGAP, (June 2013).