Friday, December 18, 2015

The dog that hasn't barked: the European Parliament and the Brexit debate

The LSE's Brexit vote blog began today a series of posts compiled by me in which MEPs outline what role they think the European Parliament will play in the UK-EU renegotiation and any Brexit.

The European Parliament and the UK’s renegotiation: what do MEPs think?

Debates about the future of UK-EU relations have paid little attention to the European Parliament. There have been no studies comparable to those that have looked into how member states view therenegotiation or might respond to a BrexitMedia reports indicate that the European Commission taskforce handling the UK renegotiation has even looked into ways of avoiding the Parliament becoming involved. Whether or not the Parliament will have any say in the renegotiation, it is clear that if Britain votes to withdraw then the EU Treaty’s withdrawal procedure guarantees the Parliament a say in any deal over an exit and a new UK-EU relationship.