Thursday, March 30, 2017

Written evidence to the 'The indispensable ally? US, NATO and UK Defence relations inquiry' of the Commons Defence select committee.

Evidence submitted with Nick Kitchen to the House of Commons Defence Select Committee's inquiry into the US, NATO and UK defence relationship.

In the submission we explore the UK's strategic options which include: 
  1. 'Switzerland with nukes'
  2. A 'pivot' away from Europe
  3. An EU-UK 'special relationship'
  4. A 'global European balancer'
  5. 'Adrift and lost at sea'
As we point out, each option must be assessed against two markers. First, whether they will allow the UK to respond to the strategic risks that Britain and its allies are likely to face in the near future. Second, the way in which the interests of allies in NATO – not least the United States – as well as the EU, may condition their reaction to each option. British decision makers cannot take for granted the way in which allies will react to the path the UK chooses to take.

Submission here. Full details of the inquiry here.